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Dive deep into the future of environmental technology with our research.

Trijal Motors (TVS)

Bangalore, India

Blueverse reduced water consumption costs by an impressive 96% saving 2,288,033 liters of water at our Bangalore service center.

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Wash Bay

Learn how our wash bay ensures an automated quality wash.

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Water Recycling & ETP

Learn how our ETPs ensure proper treatment of waste water with every wash.

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IoT Enabled

Learn how the technologies we use enable us to showcase quantitative results.


Find answers to your questions about BlueVerse and our solutions.

An automated bike wash system, like BlueVerse's , uses advanced machinery and technology to wash bikes efficiently. It automates the cleaning process, ensuring high-quality washes with minimal water usage and time, embodying environmental stewardship without quality compromise. 

Our system utilizes less than 4 liters of water per wash, integrating Water and Effluent Treatment Systems (ETP) to recycle and reuse over 98% of water. We use biodegradable chemicals, ensuring the discharge meets CPCB norms, aligning with our commitment to water conservation and environmental responsibility. 

Yes, our bike wash system is designed to accommodate various types of motorcycles, providing a consistent high-quality wash experience for every model, ensuring efficiency and compliance with environmental standards. 

Benefits include zero CAPEX for service centers, high wash quality, significant reductions in water consumption charges (up to 95%), enhanced dealer productivity, machine automation with IoT/SCADA enabled technology and compliance with environmental norms.

A standard bike wash in our automated system takes approximately 5 minutes, showcasing the efficiency of the  model in delivering a quick, high-quality wash while conserving resources.

We use biodegradable chemicals for all vehicle washes, ensuring they are environmentally friendly and safe for the bike's surfaces and components, adhering to our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Yes, the cleaning products we use are specifically formulated to be safe for all bike paints and parts, ensuring no harm while providing a thorough and effective wash.

Our system recycles and reuses over 98% of the water through an integrated Water and Effluent Treatment System, using less than four liters of water per wash, significantly impacting water conservation efforts.

Quality is ensured through our commitment to excellence, employing a high-quality wash ecosystem with automated wash bay units and stringent quality control processes that meet rigorous environmental protocols.

While our automated system is designed to provide a thorough wash, service centers can perform a manual inspection post-wash to ensure every detail meets our high-quality standards and customer expectations.

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